Make-up Trial Tips & Advice

1. If possible, have either a swatch of material or a good picture of the bride and bridesmaids' dresses so that a true colour can be seen, as well as the style. Also a picture or colour scheme of your flowers. This all helps to create the overall look and feel of your wedding (especially if there is a theme) so that we can incorporate this with the make-up.

2. Be vocal - Don't be shy about what you want. Maybe collect cuttings from magazines showing a look that you might want to try.

3. Be honest - Let me know your likes and dislikes. I will be able to offer advice, ideas and alternatives to suit your look.

4. Be alert - Let me know in advance about any skin allergies so precautions can be taken.

5. Enjoy being pampered! This is a great opportunity for you to learn about what type of make-up and skin care work for you.

6. Allow 15-20 mins consultation then 1hr+ for your own make-up trial and 30-45 minutes for each member of your wedding party who will also be having a trial.

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